What to Expect


Our materials set us apart. As a certified builder of Moosehead Cedar Log Homes products, we use only Northern White Cedar, a superior wood known for:

Less Moisture

Cedar naturally has less moisture. We bring our logs down to a 12% moisture content. Far below the standard. What that means to you is that there is minimal movement that can jeopardize the quality of your home.

Better Insulation

Northern White Cedar has an R-value 1.41 per inch of thickness – the highest of any species used in log home construction.

Natural Resistance

Cedar produces a chemical that is naturally resistant to rot, and acts as the tree’s defense against insects.


Moosehead Cedar Log Homes has an Onsite Expert Design team that will work closely with us to make sure that the home we manufacture for you is everything you imagined. Once designed it goes to their onsite skilled mill workers. When it comes to service and the production of a high-quality home that goes together quickly and efficiently we believe there is no other home that can compare to Moosehead Cedar Log Homes.

We begin by assisting you with the search for the perfect home within your budget. We work closely to guarantee you’re getting exactly what you are looking for.


Turn Key

Turnkey Construction is a contract where the builder completes all aspects of the home and the completed house is ready to move in. The builder, in our case, Tommy, just turns the keys over to the new owner and they install their furniture and personal belongings. Components that are included in a turnkey construction contract can include:

Complete house – including appliances, interior painting and finishing, floor coverings and wall-to-wall carpeting, blinds and drapery hardware, light fixtures, alarm and monitoring systems, among others.

Exterior finishing – all staining and topcoats, driveways, etc.


All materials to put your log home ‘in the dry’ This package includes everything you need to complete the exterior shell of the log home.

Once constructed, the home’s exterior will be completed, and all the structural material (interior wall framing skeleton) will be in place for the interior.

This simply means that when the shell is complete, your home is dry inside and protected from weather. After the walls, roof, windows and doors are done, a local builder (or the homeowner) completes the interior and finishing work.